The Tale of Tails. Haibun

                                                                                                       The Tale of Tails
It was a beautiful sunny day, though still cold. Immersed in the great book, I went for my daily walk later than usual. That's the time for all neighborhood dogs to go out with their humans. Here is one such couple, never met them before. The beagle was eager to make friends, so I stopped and introduced myself. Bella-the-beagle, and Karen-her-human were very nice and happy to talk, and so we did for some time. It always amazes me how easy it is to learn the whole life stories of two persons on the very first meeting in just a few minutes! As I did now, and many times before... And every time I walk away with a much better outlook on life. As if a dog's pure and simple nature and sincere interest somehow injects hope in me.
                                                                                                         first spring days --
                                                                                                   the sun worshipers jump
                                                                                                        and wag their tails
French Horn

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みなさん、よいお年をお迎えください!-- Happy New Year, everyone! -- Всех с Новым годом! :)))

みなさん、よいお年をお迎えください!  --    Happy New Year, everyone!   --   Всех с Новым годом! :)))

This is painted ion Sergey Alexeenko's handmade paper.  --   Эта открытка нарисована на бумаге Серёжи Алексеенко.

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皆さん、こんにちは。メリークリスマスそして新年あけましておめでとうございます! -- Hello, everyone! Merry Christmas to you, and a Happy New year of the Snake! -- Всем привет! С Рождеством вас, и наступающим Новым годом Змеи!

これらは、私が今年作られたいくつかのクリスマスカードです。 -- These are some of ​​this year Christmas cards I made. -- Вот несколько открыток, нарисованных к этому Рождеству.

クリスマスの日                  Christmas Day                          Рождество --
装飾が歌って                      singing decorations                  поющие украшения
すべての枝で                      on every branch                       на каждой ветке


私は良い成績でこの学期を終えた。でも、言語の勉強は進んでいます。 -- Fall 2012-semester is done, and my grades are decent (at least the paper says so, hehe :)) But the language study is always under way! -- Семестр я закончила с хорошими результатами (на бумаге! хехе :)) Но изучение языка не прекращается никогда!Вот полюбуйтесь:


これわいまのところすべてです。俳句 コンテスト キャリコ猫 は1月2日に開始されます。 -- That's all for now. Calico Cat contest will start on January 2. --  Пока на этом всё. Конкурс Калико Кошка начнётся 2 января!