January 5th, 2011

Violin and Flute

XII bilingual 'Calico Cat' haiku contest -- XII двуязычный конкурс хайку Калико Кошка

Dear fellow haijins! This is XII Calico Cat haiku contest. A little bit late again, as I was a full time student last semester -- well, I have to make an excuse, so here goes! :) This should be considered as the second contest for the 2010 -- and we should have two more in 2011.
Anyone may participate in this contest by sending up to three unpublished haiku on the theme of my new sumi painting -- I named it "Different Melodies" (Violin and Flute). Submit up to three haiku here in the LJ, right below this announcement, in the comments section. This contest is a blitz, so you only have two days and two nights to submit. Your haiku should appear in the comments section of this post no later than Friday, January 7th, before noon EST (New York time).
I will translate all the haiku, and place them here in a new post for you to comment and discuss. Then, after about two days of discussion, I will announce the results. The First Prize winner will receive this painting: the original sumi-e on a rice paper, app.. size 9 x 12.5 inches (24 x 31.5 cm). The Second and Third winners will also receive original sumi-e (of a smaller size) as prizes!
Since all haiku will be translated in English and Russian both ways, you can read every haiku! You are all welcome to discuss and comment on the haiku, when I post them in both languages for discussion. The contest is not anonymous, since I am the only one conducting it -- please sign your name and country along with your submission. We enjoy this contest for the love of haiku, and the only thing that counts, is the quality of your haiku, not a "name". We are all fellow haijin on the Haiku Way!

You may see previous contests by going to Calico Cat contest
 tag on the front page of this LJ. Our previous First prize winners were: Beverley George, Australia; Carlos Fleitas, Uruguay; Shanna Moore, Hawaii; Kirsty Karkow, USA;  Valeria Simonova, Italy; Kilmeny Niland, Australia and Petar Tchouhov, Bulgaria (tied); Robert Bauer, USA; Hana Nestieva, Israel; Bette Wappner, USA; Tanya Dikova, Israel; Beverley George, Australia.
It is winter here, and the season of the painting is also winter. Please write winter haiku on the theme "Different Melodies", using the painting as a source of images. Let us enjoy ourselves and the season, the nature, and our friendly and unique haiku community! Please join us, and bring your friends with you! And your spreading the word is also greatly appreciated! Good luck!  

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